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Our Instructors:

Vernon Vie

Owner, Lead Instructor.

Vernon is a USCCA Accredited and certified firearms instructor and Range Safety Officer. He has completed numerous specialized firearms, martial arts, Integrative weapons systems, combatives, and first aid courses and continues to learn and train weekly. Vernon enjoys interacting with his students and loves to teach. He encourages everyone to reach out anytime with questions or concerns via text/phone(top right of homepage) or email: [email protected]

Affiliate Instructors/Consultants

Erin Vie

Erin Vie is a certified S.A.F.E. instructor and owner of Absolute-Awareness. She teaches advanced situational awareness and threat detection. She is also a frequent contributor to our trainings, classes and blog. She is trained in Combatives (hand-to- hand combat) and integrative weapons systems. Erin is available to answer your questions about being a woman who carries as it’s not as easy as it is for guys. A woman’s wardrobe requires some thought when it comes to concealment, weapon retention and finding the right holster for what you’re wearing that day.