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Learn the skills you need to be a confident, safe, and competent protector. Firearms training for all skill levels, focusing on building fundamentals and teaching reality-based concepts.

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At Bear Arms Tactical, we believe training should be effective, efficient, enjoyable and above all, SAFE. Learning to safely carry, deploy, and retain your firearm are concepts that are EASY to learn but that require  continued practice to reach competence. We think of it as a ever-evolving journey. Our aim is to be a part of that journey.

Violent crimes per year
0 million
Violent Crimes per hour
are Aggravated Assaults
0 %
Legally Armed Americans
0 million

Criminals operate with impunity.

Be Ready.

Violent Crime is a constant possibility. FBI statistics show that if you are involved in an attack, it will most likely be an aggravated assault(with a deadly weapon) in which the victim may be justified to legally defend with lethal force.  Should you choose to legally carry a firearm for personal defense it is your duty to be informed, responsible, and well trained. Bear Arms Tactical strives to provide the most comprehensive training options for “Citizen Defenders”.